In this section, we have all events for the calendar year listed. There are Tournaments and Monthly Club Play both listed. The Tournaments are varied, and each comes with it’s own set of rules. You can click the links under the Tournaments and read about the rules and other info.

Monthly Club Play Rules:
All participating players from all chapters meet at the designated course with a 10:00 am tee time. The player with the best score of the day will receive 10 points. Second place will get 9 points, and this will continue all the way to 10th place with one point. All ties will receive the same points. For example, three players tie with a second place score and all three will get 9 points.

Only your top six out of a possible 8 rounds will count towards your year end total, which allows for a few absences in the Monthly Club Play, or one of those “WHAT HAPPENED TODAY” rounds! At the end of the season, points are totaled, prizes are handed out, and the Club Champion is Born!! GLEN NEED LINK TO CLUB CHAMPION HERE

Also, every time you show up for an event, your name is put into a drawing. The drawing will be held at the year-end Picnic & Awards day, and the prize this year is a BRAND NEW GRIP BAG!!! To be eligible for the drawing and bag, you MUST show up to at least 6 Club Play events (of a possible 8), and play at least one round at each chapter’s course. Each chapter will host 2 events. Paducah, Mayfield and Murray all have one course. Marshall County has 2 18-hole courses and will host one event at each of the two. Which course of the two Marshall County courses will be played that day will be posted here and on our Facebook page.

February 7th: Ice Bowl Tournament – Mike Miller Park

February 28th: Prodigy Par 2 Putting Tournament – Central Park Murray

March 14th: Membership Drive & Battle for the Bag Tags Tournament – Metropolis, IL. Tags will be handed out according to how you finish one round that day. We will also get your shirt size and collect membership dues. GLEN I’D LIKE TO LINK HERE TO INFO ON MEMBERSHIP DUES, WHICH WOULD BE SOMEWHERE ELSE ON THIS SITE

March 28th: Club Play – Mayfield (Club Shirts will be ready to hand out)

April 18th: Club Play – Marshall County

May 2nd: Birdie Bash Tournament – Mayfield

May 30th: Club Play – Murray

June 13th: Dynamic Disc Trilogy Challenge Tournament – Paducah

June 27th: Club Play – Paducah

July 25th: Club Play – Mayfield

August 1st: WKDGC PDGA Tournament – Paducah
Note: For this Tournament ONLY, you MUST be a PDGA member. Information on how to become a PDGA member here

August 29th: Club Play – Calvert City

September 12th: ACE Race – Marshall County

September 19th: Club Play – Murray

October 10th: Possible Tournament of some kind – Murray

October 24th: Club Play – Paducah (Picnic/Awards Day)

Chapter Competition
At the end of play at each Monthly Club Play, all cards are handed in. The Club will tally up scores, and keep a running total of:
Individual scores are totaled and averaged to obtain the following:
4 points for the best average score from attending chapter members
3 points for second best average score
2 points third
1 point fourth

The number of players from each club will give each Chapter one point per player. There will be a cap placed on the number of points available, which will be set by the club with the lowest number of people in that chapter. Example without using real numbers: Paducah has 40 members, Mayfield has 20, Marshall has 25, and Murray has 30. The MOST participation points any club can get on any day would be 20. This number will fluctuate with the number of people in the smallest chapter.

The winning chapter will be recognized with TBD; our goal is to have a prize for each participant. We are also looking into a Traveling Trophy.